Announcing Obelisk

Announcing Obelisk

Announcing Obelisk

Continuing my pursuit to learn some C# and familiarise myself with Unity, I figured the best way to speed my learning was simply to make a game. The Unity tutorials are really impressive, but working towards my own goals and objectives I found I was able to lean a lot quicker. So here’s the fruits of about 3 months labour: Obelisk.

OBELISK is a top-down shooter meets tower-defense game where the objective is simple: survive. The longer you’re able to evade death, the bigger your score, and the more favour you’ll hold with the gods.

I’ve even gone and done a trailer for it:

More info:


By completing impressive feats (read: an in-game multiplier-achievement system), you’ll impress the gods, who will reward your efforts with ANKHs. Each ANKH increases your mulitplier by one. The bigger your multiplier, the bigger your score, and the more favour you’ll hold with the gods.


As well as looking after yourself, enemies will try to destroy your home base. As well as manually protecting it, you can use your Obelisk towers to do the job for you. With enough ANKHs, you can outfit your base with weapons and defences to look after itself, leaving you to rack up the points.


Sacrifice your ANKHs to activate Obelisk towers, which grant your ship various upgrades and bonuses. While you may start out weak, with the right Obelisks activated, you’ll quickly become a lethal bullet-spewing death ship.

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