First Steps in Unity

First Steps in Unity

First Steps in Unity

I’ve decided to teach myself a bit o’ code ‘n that. I’ve got all these game ideas kicking about my head, and it seems the only way any of them will ever see the light of day is if I throw myself into it and learn. If nothing else, it’ll mean my evenings are spent doing something more productive than playing Geometry Wars until my eyes bleed.

I remember a little C++ from my university days, but not enough to do anything productive with. In terms of versatility and accessibility, Unity seemed like a great place to start the learning procedure, and will allow me to do plenty once I’m competent with C#. After setting up and familiarising myself with the basics, I got stuck into the first tutorial and I was off. I’ve just finished learning to take those baby-steps (the Unity tutorials are fantastic, by the way – those guys do a great job) and I’m well chuffed.

One of the great thigns about Unity is that it’s easy to share a build of what you’re working on via the Web Player. To that end, I thought it might be worth documenting my progress with the package, and share any creations along the way. This is likely of more use to me than you, I would imagine; sharing my work each step of the way is a good incentive to learn it all properly as I go.

My first ‘game’ is the tale of a heroic sphere, trapped in a desolate, barren landscape, who is forced to collect mysterious floating cuboids for no other reason than they are there. This masterpiece is called ‘Tutorial 1′ and you can ‘play’ it here.

Tutorial 1™ will be available for iOS and Android Summer 2015.

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